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Operation Magic Carpet (Playhouse ITV 1973 with Karen David and Tariq Yunis)



UK / ITV Network – Granada (Playhouse) / 1×60 minutes / Broadcast Tuesday 6 March 1973 @ 9.00pm

Writer: Brian Clark / Designer: Roy Stonehouse / Producer: Brian Armstrong / Director: June Howson

Series: Playhouse / Season Six Episode Two

Drama. “Go on. Go mad – let her in. We’ve let in twenty-odd thousand already. She’s pretty, and Leicester could do with a decent few birds.” 19 Year old Indian girl Taruna Patel arrives at London Airport on her first visit to England but an immigration officer suspects she may be hiding something about the facts of her trip.

Karen David as Taruna Patel
Scherazarde Anwar as Pramilla Patel
Tariq Yunis as Niclal Singh
Rafik Anwar as Ram Patel
Lloyd Lamble as Adjudicator
Paul Williamson as CIO at Tribunal
Mark Eden as John Young
Rowena Cooper as Jean Jeffries
Edward Petherbridge as Phillip Daniels
Don Hawkins as Jerry Hopkinson
Willy Joss as Guard
Helen Rappaport as Telex girl