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When Women Rule The World (Channel 4 2008 with Steve Jones)



UK / Channel 4 – September Films – Fox World / 8×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 4 September – 23 October 2008 Shown Thursdays at either 10.35pm or 11.10pm

Writer and Executive Producer: Peter Davey / Music: Jamie Forsyth / Series Producer: Nicole Streak / Series Director: Angelo Abela

Filmed in the dominican republic and based on an original American concept this reality series put eight women on an island and in charge of ten men who were there to do their every bidding and create the perfect female centric community. This being a reality competition with one man being booted off the island each week, it didn’t quite work out like that, the girls were shocking and the men were more so.

Inane beyond belief, not too sure who this show is aimed at with its buff bodies but not a single likable character but with its mish mash of styles of shows from Temptation Island and The Batchelor it was obviously more about trying to create fake sexual tension that setting a new ideal. One of the men left before the end of the first episode unable to take being bossed around by the women. There was a 30,000 pound prize up for grabs too.

Presenter: Steve Jones

The men involved were Amaan, Dan, Ed, Fenton, G-Range, Mikey, Myles, Nick, Richard and Steve

Whilst the women were called Angela, Christina, Christine, Desrine, Gemma, Karen, Lesley and Lianne