The Onedin Line: Frisco Bound (BBC-1 12 Nov 1972)

In Frisco Bound Baines has been held responsible for the loss of the Pibroch and has to face a hearing. He is stripped of his captaincy for six months but James is keen to take him back as first mate. They have a journey planned taking the Charlotte Rhodes around the horn to San Francisco.

Albert Frazer, in a bid to create some space between himself and Elizabeth, has decided to accompany James on the voyage.

Onedin has a new apprentice, the spoilt son of Sir Walter Teal, the teenage David has a fancy for a life at sea but hasn’t reckoned on such a dangerous first voyage and the fact that Baines has a grudge against him thanks to the fact that his father presided over the hearing that saw him lose his captaincy.

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Elizabeth has just stormed out and Albert is finding it hard to be at home. The major reason why he decides to accompany James on the trip to San Francisco.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 12 November 1972 at 7.25pm

Writer: Allan Prior / Director: David Cunliffe

Series: The Onedin Line Season 2 Episode 8

Peter Gilmore as James Onedin
Anne Stallybrass as Anne Onedin
Howard Lang as Mr Baines
Philip Bond as Albert Frazer
Jessica Benton as Elizabeth Frazer
Michael Billtngton as Daniel Fogarty
Richard Hurndall as Sir Walter Teal
John Hollis as Cony
Paul Lavers as David Teal
Alexandra Knowles as The maid

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