The Onedin Line: Yellow Jack (BBC-1 15 Oct 1972)

In Yellow Jack, after their activities with the Guano ship Samantha James and Albert have succeeded in bringing Yellow Fever into Liverpool and have caused the deaths of several people. It looks like Anne may have been stricken with the fever herself thankfully it’s actually gallstones – still potentially very serious but her illness does finally bring James to his senses.

James and Albert also have to persuade Albert’s father, who is leading the enquiry into the Samantha trouble that it would be better to keep quiet about their involvement as it would undermine his extensive business too if word got out that a Frazer was involved.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 15 October 1972

Writer: Alun Richards / Director: David Sullivan Proudfoot

Series: The Onedin Line Season 2 Episode 4

Peter Gilmore as James Onedin
Anne Stallybrass as Anne Onedin
Jessica Benton as Elizabeth Frazer
Philip Bond as Albert Frazer
Michael Billington as Daniel Fogarty
Howard Lang as Mr Baines
James Hayter as Captain Webster
Jane Seymour as Emma Callon
John Phillips as Frazer Senior
Robert Mill as John Frazer
Paul Dawkins as Lord Mayor
Frank Mills as Dr MacWhirter
Dan Meaden as Collector Of Customs
Pamela Sholto as Alice
Marcelle Samett as Old crone
Yvonne Bonnamy as Miriam
Pam St Clement as Orderly

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