Classic TV Episodes: Green Acres – A Star Named Arnold Is Born

Green Acres A Star Named Arnold

Quintessential rural sitcom Green Acres had plenty of top flight episodes but A Star Named Arnold stands out as one of the best.

In the episode it is the theatrical event of the season: the Hooterville Barn & Repertory Co.’s staging of “Who.” (The full title of the play was “Who Killed Jock Robin?” — but only one word will fit on the marquee, an old wooden plank.)

Sophia Loren is supposed to star in the 12-act mystery, but she is unavailable. Newt Kiley’s police dog, Columbo, is set to appear but bows out. Arnold the pig steps in. The big ham gets rave reviews, and in “A Star Named Arnold Is Born,” he’s off to Hollywood for a screen test.

Arnold doesn’t last long in Tinseltown, but for one shining moment a star is born. And why not? Arnold has nearly as much range as Eva Gabor.

Original Airdate: April 3 & 10, 1968

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