Classic TV Revisited: Weekend World

Classic TV Revisited Weekend World

Weekend World was an ITV current affairs show broadcast on Sunday mornings. It was hosted by three political animals: Peter Jay, Brian Walden and Matthew Parris.

So why is this a classic programme?
It set the political agenda for the following Monday morning and the repercussions often lasted a lot longer.

Not exactly scintillating, then?
It was if you enjoyed a good old political row and seeing politicians squirm.

But they always avoid questions?
Not with Walden around they didn’t. He always tried to nail ’em.

Weren’t Walden’s questions a bit long?
Well, they could be. But he often had to explain complex issues for those of us who didn’t tread the corridors of power.

Didn’t he have a famous run-in with Maggie?
“My most memorable interview was with her after Nigel Lawson had resigned. I asked her ‘You do realise that some of your backbenchers think you are off your trolley?'”

So, what did she say to that?
Walden says: “She didn’t answer it, of course. But I pressed her again and again. I said her version of events was incredible.”

It must have caused a few waves?
It did and the Iron Lady never seemed quite so unbeatable after that.

And she quit?
Not then but in 1990.

The theme tune for Weekend World was by a little known American rock band called Mountain?
Yes. It was called Nantucket Sleighride.

Don’t say:
This report has ridden roughshod over the Royal Family’s reputation.

Do say:
Mrs Thatcher, your version of events is incredible.

Not to be confused with:
Ray Reardon

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