Lady in the Dark (Paramount 1944, Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland)

Lady in the Dark 1944 Paramount drama with Ginger Rogers

In Lady in the Dark Ginger Rogers has an intriguing role as a successful magazine editor-in-chief who is troubled by seemingly inexplicable symptoms, and unwillingly seeks the services of a psychoanalyst.

She explores a series of dreams, presented in delirious Technicolor, and the analysis takes her progressively further back into her unhappy childhood.

In the meantime, Rogers is beset by romantic troubles, losing interest in a recent divorce and a hunky movie star and doing battle with her handsome but stubborn coworker. Unsurprisingly, the lessons she learns in analysis resolve psychological distress and her romantic quandary at once.

A curious Hollywood treatment of the then-voguish interest in Freudian analysis and based on a Broadway musical.

The mink dress Rogers wears in the circus-themed dream sequence was created by Mitchell Leisen and was widely reported to have been the most expensive costume in film history at that time. It reputedly cost $35,000.

Academy Award Nominations: 3, including Best Cinematography; Best Score.

Cast: Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland, Mischa Auer, Warner Baxter, Jon Hall, Barry Sullivan

Screenwriters: Frances Goodrich, Albert Hackett
Director: Mitchell Leisen
Producer: Richard M. Blumenthal
Original Story: Moss Hart
Director of Photography: Ray Rennahan
Editor: Alma Macrorie
Composers: Johnny Burke, Ira Gershwin, James Van Heusen, Kurt Weill
Genre: Romance, Drama

USA / Paramount / 100 minutes / 1944

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