Twilight Eyes By Dean Koontz In Development At Starz

Dean Koontz has had surprisingly few of his novels adapted for the big or screen which is a major surprise really given that so many of them are superbly paced and have a natural filmic quality to them, Starz have obviously twigged to this though having announced that his 1985 novel Twilight Eyes is in development as a mini-series/short run series.

The novel is pretty dark (as much of Koontz’s material is) and tells the story of Slim MacKenzie who has the ability to see into the dark heart of human kind, something which his job at the Sombra Brothers Carnival provides him plenty of opportunity to witness.

To be set in the present day, which is only sensible, Koontz will also serve as an executive producer on the series.

If Twilight Eyes is a goer then might we suggest that Starz also take a look at the fabulous Watchers which taps in nicely to the current trend for all things scifi.

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