Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

A teen thriller with a bit of an edge. Abandon stars Dawson Creek alumni Katie Holmes as troubled uni student Katie Burke. Katies boyfriend, the rich and spoilt Embry( a somewhat unsympathetic Charlie Hunnam) has been missing for two years (so flashbacks aplenty here then) – enter Detective Wade Handler (played by Benjamin Bratt) who is investigating the case, Wades digging into Embrys disappearance uncovers a hornets nest of memories and emotions for Katie, who is not only struggling to cope with her college workload and Embrys disappearance but is also developing feelings for Detective Handler.

With a directing debut from Oscar winning screenwriter Stephen Traffic Gaghan Abandon does have its intelligent moments despite some over the top theatricals from Hunnam and does track the theme of abandonment well, Katie has spent her whole life suffering from abandonment issues ( a wayward father, missing boyfriend), the best scenes though are those involving Katies uni friends Samantha (Zooey Deschanel is great as Katies quick witted best friend), Mousey Julie (Melanie Lynskey) and Gabriel Mann as the shy (and secretly in love with Katie) Harrison. The only extras are cast and filmmaker bios.

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