Life Line (BBC-1 2007 with Ray Stevenson and Joanne Whalley)

UK / BBC One / 2×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 24 and 26 April 2007

Writer: Stephen Gallagher / Script Editor: Chris Farrer / Music: Dominik Scherrer / Executive Producers: Anne Mensah, Gareth Neame / Producer: Tim Bradley / Director: Jamie Payne

Romantic thriller serial. Successful entrepreneur Peter Briscoe leads an affluent, but soulless, life, having broken up with Katy, his one true love, 15 years earlier to pursue his career abroad. Back in London for his brother’s wedding, Peter catches a glimpse of Katy leaving an art gallery one evening and, determined to make up for lost time, decides to engineer a “chance” meeting between them.

Long since settled with a partner, played by Adrian Rawlins, and with a successful career in the art world, Katy is pleased to see Peter and agrees to meet for dinner. Over their meal, however, Katy reveals her dissatisfaction with her relationship and that, deep down, she still feels exactly the same about Peter – and they embark upon a passionate, but ultimately doomed, love affair.

However, their love turns to tragedy and, in his torment, Peter begins to doubt his sanity as events take a series of unexpected and incredible turns. Peter discovers a card for a mysterious organisation called Life Line and, initially, he finds that his phone calls to it offer some answers. The arrival of a stranger in the shape of Catt throws Peter’s life into confusion – and he realises that nothing, and no-one, are as they seem.

Ray Stevenson as Peter Brisco
Barnaby Kay as Tony
Yasmin Bannerman as Ruth
Beth Cordingly as Heather
Joanne Whalley as Katy
Maye Choo as Vanessa Wu
Adrian Rawlins as Jack
Fidel Nanton as Eric
Jemima Rooper as Catt
Catherine Siggins as Eurostar Hostess

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