Aphrodite Inheritance, The (BBC-1 1979, Peter McEnery, Alexandra Bastedo)

In 8 part fantasy thriller The Aphrodite Inheritance, broadcast on BBC One in 1979 and written by Michael J. Bird, David Collier (Peter McEnery) learns that his engineer brother has been badly injured in an accident whilst in Cyprus (where he is working) he flies over to visit him only to find that he has died from his injuries. The arrival of a beautiful lady called Helene (Alexandra Bastedo)  and a brief case containing over 50,000 pounds causes David to believe his brother may have been murdered.

Determined to uncover the true facts he is soon tangling with some unsavoury characters, including a wealthy yacht residing American, who all seem to know more than they are revealing. Collier is also convinced Helene has lots of secrets about his brother. Helene meanwhile, along with two “colleagues” Charalambos (Stefan Gryff) and Basileos (Brian Blessed) seems to have some rather special talents.

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Hot on the heels of his superb series Who Pays The Ferryman, Michael J. Bird returns to the region for another slice of top quality intrigue filled drama. Where as Ferryman was more traditional The Aphrodite Inheritance has a distinctly other worldly quality about it. To say more would ruin the intrigue and mystery.

production details
UK / BBC One – Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation / 8×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 1979

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Writer: Michael J. Bird / Original Music by George Kotsonis / Production Design: Jon Pusey / Costume Design: Nicholas Rocker / Producer: Andrew Osborn / Directors: Viktors Ritelis, Terence Williams

Peter McEnery as David Collier
Alexandra Bastedo as Helene
Brian Blessed as Basileos
Stefan Gryff as Charalambos
Tony Doyle as Martin Preece
William Wilde as Eric Morrison
Costas Demetriou as Antonio
Carmen Gómez as Maria
Barry Halliday as Barry Collier
Karl Held as Travis
John Ioannou as Policeman
Godfrey James as Inspector Dimas
Ray Jewers as Olsen
Nicholas Kamenos as Detective Sergeant
Paul Maxwell as Hellman
Theodoulos Moreas as Priest
Andreas Moustras as Doctor
Nikias Nicolaides as Police Sergeant
Nicos Shiafkalis as Nicos
Tom Watson as Wyndham
George Zenios as Prof. Stylianou

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