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Australian TV

Blankety Blanks (Channel 10 1977-1980, Graham Kennedy)



Blankety Blanks Graham Kennedy

Beginning in 1977 and broadcast 5 times a week Graham Kennedy quickly proved his TV legend status with a nightly 30 minute tour de force of double entendres and inspired lunacy and turning Blankety Blanks into Australia’s favourite show.

Some of Australia’s favourite personalities were also regulars on the show from the cigar chomping Ugly Dave Gray (who had a joke for every occasion – usually the same joke), Noeline Brown, the dapper Stuart Wagstaff, Barry Creyton and Noel Ferrier.

The show had a high innuendo count thanks to the blanks being in just the right place in most of the sentences.

The show has had two revivals. 1985 with Daryl Somers; 1996-97 with Shane Bourne. Regulars on this series included Rhonda Burchmore, Marty Field and Annie Rigby. One new segment was The ‘Dob in a Mate’ part which saw Steven Jacobs take to the street to surprise somebody with the chance to win $1,000.

production details
Australia / Channel 10 – Grundy / x30 minute episodes / Broadcast 1977 – 1980