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The Brothers: Happy Anniversary (BBC-1 22 Sep 1974)



The Brothers

In Happy Anniversary matters finally come to a head between Brian and Ann although Brian is initially still willing to let Ann’s affair with Nicholas Fox go unmentioned Ann is torn with guilt and decides to make a clean breast of it, she makes it plain that she loves Fox and Brian realises that his marriage is in tatters. Also on the domestic front it’s the wedding anniversary between David and Jill and whilst David buys Jill a nice piece of jewelry Jill goes all out and spends her inheritance buying a flat (in David’s name) in a trendy part of town. David is furious having made it plain to Jill time and again that he will not be her “kept man”.

Back at Hammonds Martin Farrell and Bill Riley are now members of the board of directors, Brian is extremely unhappy about Riley’s place on the board and isn’t shy about letting it be known.

This episode very much belongs to Brian, he is completely obnoxious towards poor old Bill Riley and gets the chance to rant and rave and slam doors during his argument with Ann contrasting with quiet moments when he is trying hard not to show his feelings towards Ann.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 22 September 1974

Writer: N.J. Crisp

Series: The Brothers Season Four Episode Four

guest cast
MURRAY HAYNE as Martin Farrell
ROBIN FORD as Hall Porter