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Deadly Standoff: Montana Freemen Militia (Reelz Sat 6 Nov 2021)



Montana Freemen Militia: After a downturn in the economy, many ranchers begin losing their farms, or taking out loans that they can’t pay back. Desperate times, leave many feeling dissatisfied with the US government. Leroy Schweiter takes the opportunity to break away from the United States and take advantage of everyone that decides to follow him.

Millions of dollars later he begins to feel untouchable – but money isn’t the only problem. Will the FBI take him and his followers down when things turn violent before anyone gets hurt?

This was one of the longest standoffs ever in the 113 year history of the FBI was with the Montana Freemen Militia in rural Jordan Montana. Former FBI special agent Tim Healy shares his riveting first-hand account of going undercover inside the extremist group and the fallout that sparked the standoff.

Airdate: Saturday 6 November 2021 at 10.00pm on Reelz.