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Emergency Nurses: A+E Stories Season Final (ITV2 Sun 14 August 2022)



A series that follows nurses working in A&E departments as they struggle to save patients while also finding time for recreation.

For four years, nurse Ellie has worked at Northwick Park Hospital, saving lives and making friends for the rest of her life. The long-awaited big day has finally arrived; she is getting married. She is prepared to walk down the aisle with all of her Emergency Nurse friends present to witness her momentous occasion, but her fiancé Shane is experiencing nerves.

Ellie isn’t the only one dealing with heart-related issues today; back in the hospital, Nurse Claire is attempting to tame a ventricular tachycardia patient’s rabid heartbeat. He tells her over a cup of tea about his tragic medical history as she is tending to him.

As Nurse Lou prepares to board a flight to New Hampshire in the United States, major life changes are taking place all around Northwick Park. He is packing his bags and bidding his closest friends farewell as they accompany him to Heathrow. The idea of his best friend moving away has Nurse RJ in a state of emotional breakdown.

Jazmin, a student nurse, is also approaching a significant milestone as she completes her A&E rotation. However, this does not mean that she has learned everything she needs to know; instead, she will need to manage and transfer patients on her own in resus to satisfy her strict taskmasters that she is qualified to work as an emergency nurse.

Airdate: Sunday August 14 2022 at 8.00pm on ITV2.

Season 1 Episode 10