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Game on Grandparents: Mario Kart (S1EP3 CBBC Wed 17 August 2022)



Mario Kart: Elijah and Sue go head to head with Finley and Graham as they compete for the chance to make it to the Grand Final and become ultimate Game on Grandparents champion.

Airdate: Wed 17 August 2022 at 09:10 on CBBC

Season 1 Episode 3

Julia Hardy presents a gaming competition series like no other. With lots of laughs along the way, young gamers and their grandparents step in to each other’s lives like never before.

Girls and boys who dream of playing at an eSports tournament are about to get the chance, but there is a twist – they won’t be playing themselves but instead have to train their gran or grandad!

While their grandparents are busy practising, the children have to take on their roles about the house, from washing up or walking the dog, to entertaining grandma’s friends for the afternoon – what could possibly go wrong?!