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Harry O: Group Terror (ABC 13 Nov 1975, with Joanna Pettet)



In Group Terror when one of her patients is murdered psychiatrist Breda Beach is convinced that the killer is a member of one of her therapist groups, she persuades Harry to join the group to try and find out which one.

The best scenes are when Harry first visits the group and gives them all a piece of his mind. It’s all part of his investigation though, continually pushing the buttons of the group to see which one breaks.

Harry makes some strong inroads and discovers that the supposedly paralyse stuntman Bump is not actually paralysed at all. Trench takes him into custody but then Breda, enjoying a romantic evening with Harry at his home, is shot and badly injured. Further digging reveals that another member of the group Rusty, is not quite all he seems. As it happens it’s not Rusty or Bump who is the killer….

The gorgeous Joanna Pettet is chief guest star as psychiatrist Breda Beach. She is actually English but plays American here.

Harry O Group Terror

Harry deals with the group therapy session in his own way.

production details
UK / ABC / 1×45 minute episode / Broadcast 13 November 1975

Writer: Dennis Landa / Director: Russ Mayberry

Series: Harry O Season 2 Episode 10

David Janssen as Harry Orwell
Anthony Zerbe as Lt. K.C. Trench
Joanna Pettet as Breda Beach
Don Stroud as Bump
Mills Watson as Rusty
Jay Robinson as Karl Singleton
Liam Sullivan as John Grant
Mark Miller as Cary
Mary-Robin Redd as Millie
Carole Mallory as Phyllis
Dave Shelley as Simons
John Holland as Doctor
Paul Tulley as Sgt. Roberts
John Mark Robinson as Student
Mathilda Calnan as Maid
Geoffrey Scott as Will Hawkins
Georgie Paul as Nurse
Linda Lavin as Alice