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The Brothers: When Will You Pay Me (BBC-1 22 Feb 1976 with Carleton Hobbs)



UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 22 February 1976

Writer: Simon Raven / Production Design: Ian Ashurst / Director: Philip Dudley

Series: The Brothers / Season 6 Episode 5

In When Will You Pay Me David has had to answer to the board and isn’t too pleased about the situation, Merroney is playing the Hammond brothers off against each other, using the “David situation” to get Ted firing on all cylinders again but David reacts badly and decides to run off to France and tell Merroney where “he can stick it”. Meanwhile Bill has an idea to put Jennifer in charge of new aquisitions. Don Stacey is also feeling the pressure over his upcoming medical.

More shocks with the apparent departure of David who feels that everyone is out to get him despite the fact that Merroney is working overtime to make sure he doesn’t lose his job. Ted gets an awful lot of the episode to rant and rave but it all feels a little forced, almost for the first time one gets the impression that the same old ground is being covered. Maybe because of new writers coming on board but this is definitely not a classic episode.

guest cast
CARLETON HOBBS as Sir Neville Henniswood