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Strictly Come Dancing 2022 | Interview with Motsi Mabuse



And we’re back! This is Strictly Come Dancing’s 20th series, how does it feel to return to the judging panel for such a monumental series?

I’m super excited to be back. This will be my fourth year, I don’t know where time is going. I’m so happy to be part of the celebration.

What is your absolute favourite thing about working on the show?

When everything comes together: the lights, the action, the dancing, the glitz, the glamour, the audience and the laughs. That’s the favourite thing for me about working on the show, when you have those special moments and you’re just so moved.

Do you remember your first day on the show?

Yes, I remember so much. I remember how nervous I was, I remember not knowing how things were going to go and just reminding myself to be myself.

What is your favourite style of dance and why? To dance yourself and to watch others perform?

I love watching musical theatre, I’ve fallen in love with musical theatre because of Strictly and that’s very special for me, as a child I wanted to be in the musicals, but I couldn’t have that opportunity in South Africa.

I love love love dancing the Rumba.

Who would be your dream celebrity to dance with and why?

I would dance with Nelson Mandela if I could and I would have so many questions for him. I think because of him, we are able to realise our dreams today.

Do you ever wish you had danced on Strictly as a pro?

Maybe about 15 years ago, yes, but at the moment actually I love where I am. I get to come back every week!

Do you have one stand-out dance and/or celebrity dancer from a previous series of Strictly Come Dancing?

I remain and will always be a fan of Bill Bailey. Because of the timing, with the pandemic, and what he provided.

And any stand out moments/greatest memories from all the series you’ve been part of so far?

I will never forget the time Rose did her dance with Giovanni to “Symphony”. That was unbelievable, just amazing, out of this world, moving and touching.

Strictly is returning to Blackpool this year after a two year absence, why is Blackpool so special?

It’s so difficult to describe the magic of Blackpool, I think you have to be there to feel the atmosphere and see it, and then you know what it is. Blackpool has such a strong dance history in our industry. I’ve only been once and I remember it so clearly even to this day. Blackpool is just a must for Strictly Come Dancing.

Which is your favourite themed week and why?

I love Halloween because of all the costumes and the fun that we get to do, but also Movie Week is one of my favourites.

We have a new themed week this year for the BBC 100, what BBC show would you love to be on other than Strictly?

I’d love to be on Killing Eve!

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