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Adventures of Don Juan (Warner 1949, Errol Flynn, Viveca Lindfors)



Errol Flynn seems to be winking at his own off-screen image in the role he was born to play. As the legendary lover, he returns to Spain and takes the post of fencing instructor at the royal academy. He becomes involved in court intrigue and swordplay when he hears of a plot against his adoring Queen.

More than 5,200 costumes were made for The Adventures of Don Juan including 18 for co-star Robert Douglas.

production details
USA | Warner Bros. | 111 minutes | 1949

Director: Vincent Sherman
Producer: Jerry Wald
Original Story: Herbert Dalmas
Cinematography: Elwood Bredell
Editor: Alan Crosland Jr.
Music: Max Steiner
Script: Harry Kurnitz, George Oppenheimer

Errol Flynn as Don Juan de Maraña
Viveca Lindfors as Rainha Margarida
Robert Douglas as Duque de Lorca
Alan Hale as Leporello
Romney Brent as Filipe III de Espanha / II de Portugal
Ann Rutherford as Donna Elena
Robert Warwick as Don José, Conde de Polan
Jerry Austin as Don Sebastian
Douglas Kennedy as Don Rodrigo
Jean Shepherd as Donna Carlotta
Mary Stuart as Catherine
Helen Westcott as Lady Diana
Fortunio Bonanova as Don Serafino Lopez
Aubrey Mather as Lord Chalmers
Una O’Connor as Duenna
Raymond Burr as Capitão Alvarez