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Criminal, The (1960, Stanley Baker, Sam Wanamaker)



In tough crime drama The Criminal when a robbery at a racetrack goes wrong ex-con Johnny Bannion is caught and sent back to prison. He won’t tell the rest of the gang where he has stashed the loot leading to violent consequences.

Directed by Joseph Losey, The Criminal is a hugely under rated movie. A movie full of great performances not least from the fab Stanley Baker but almost every part is played by a familiar British character actor.

production details
UK | 97 minutes | 1960

Director: Joseph Losey
Script: Alun Owen

Stanley Baker as Johnny Bannion
Sam Wanamaker as Mike Carter
Grégoire Aslan as Frank Saffron
Margit Saad as Suzanne
Jill Bennett as Maggie
Rupert Davies as Edwards
Laurence Naismith as Mr. Town
John Van Eyssen as Formby
Noel Willman as Prison Governor
Derek Francis as Priest
Redmond Phillips as Prison Doctor
Kenneth J. Warren as Clobber
Patrick Magee as Barrows
Robert Adams as Judas
Kenneth Cope as Kelly
Murray Melvin as Antlers
Tom Bell as Flynn
Nigel Green as Ted
Neil McCarthy as O’Hara
Patrick Wymark as Sol
Jack Rodney as Scout
Brian Phelan as Pauly Larkin
John McLloy as Snipe
Paul Stassino as Alfredo Fanucci