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Killer (1994, Anthony LaPaglia, Mimi Rogers)



Cool, twisted noir starring Anthony LaPaglia and Mimi Rogers. LaPaglia plays high-rolling hit man Mick, hired by jovial mob boss George (Peter Boyle) to bump off million dollar debtor Fiona (Rogers) who’s threatening to squeal to the DA. It’s meant to be an in-out job, and that’s how it turns out, but not in the way he imagined. When he moves in for the kill he discovers that not only is his target drop-dead gorgeous, but she’s expecting him, and actively wants him to pull the trigger.

Mick is a tough nut. He prides himself on his Bulletproof Heart (the film’s US title), but this is a curve-ball he wasn’t expecting. He falls hook, line and lead-weight for Fiona and the two tumble into a particularly raunchy sex scene. Of course, that’s when his troubles begin. With George, and twitchy accomplice Archie (Matt Craven), piling on the pressure, Mick finds himself in unfamiliar territory. Somebody’s got to give, and for the first time, it might be him. Can his professionalism survive his change of heart? And why does Fiona want to die?

Mark Malone’s intelligent debut jabs away at the answers through a curious, conniving plot, before revealing all in a knockout finale. LaPaglia’s description of Mick’s crisis of conscience is always engaging, Rogers’ lopsided glamour is well suited to the enigmatic Fiona, and Craven adds welcome comic relief as the nervous numbskull Archie.

production details
USA – Canada | 97 minutes | 1994

Director: Mark Malone
Script: Gordon Melbourne, Mark Malone

Anthony LaPaglia as Mick
Mimi Rogers as Fiona
Matt Craven as Archie
Peter Boyle as George
Monika Schnarre as Laura
Joseph Maher as Dr. Alstricht