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Dr Xand’s Con or Cure: Hiccups, The Red Onion Drink (BBC One 12 February 2024)



Dr Xand's Con or Cure

Dr Xand’s Con or Cure, in its second series, continues to explore various health-related topics and debunk common misconceptions. In the upcoming Episode 11 airing on Monday morning, viewers will be taken on a journey through different intriguing subjects.

The episode begins by focusing on Margaret and Graham, a couple who prioritize their health by adhering to a vegetarian diet and engaging in regular exercise. Concerned about their deteriorating eyesight, they turned to eye supplements for potential improvement. However, they found no noticeable effects. Dr Xand delves into the question of whether these eye supplements are worth the financial investment or simply an expensive con.

Artificial intelligence has made substantial advancements in the medical field. Sarah de Lagarde’s case exemplifies this progress; despite suffering severe injuries from falling onto an underground train track and being run over by two trains, she now benefits from a prosthetic arm controlled by artificial intelligence. Dr Xand explores how AI is transforming lives like Sarah’s.

Hiccups can be quite bothersome, but do commonly suggested remedies actually work? In this episode, Dr Xand examines popular myths associated with hiccup cures such as “scaring” them away or drinking water through a straw to stop them. Viewers can anticipate discovering whether any of these methods are effective in alleviating hiccups.


Prescription drug use has been steadily increasing in England over recent years. With rising prescription costs prompting some individuals to seek alternative options online, BBC investigative reporter Jonathan Gibson uncovers questionable practices within the realm of purchasing prescription drugs electronically. GP Dr Sophie Newton sheds light on the risks involved when opting for such methods.

Lastly, Dr Xand investigates a viral trend circulating on social media: the red onion drink purportedly capable of combating colds and coughs. This concoction consists of red onion, water, ginger slices, lemon slices, and apple cider vinegar boiled together for 10 to 15 minutes. The episode endeavours to determine whether this trendy remedy has any validity.

Tune in to BBC One at 10:45am on Monday 12 February 2024 for the thought-provoking episode of Dr Xand’s Con or Cure.


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