Find My Country House: Series Premiere Double Bill (A&E, June 15, 2024)

Find My Country House presents a double bill of episodes when it premieres on Saturday, June 15, 2024, starting at 12:00 PM on A&E. In the first episode, titled ‘A Country Lifestyle: Matt & Kelly’, Trish Suhr guides the couple, Matt and Kelly, through Nevada City, California, in their search for the ideal country home. The pair envisions a property with ample space for gardening and the potential for an Airbnb venture.

Trish Suhr takes viewers to picturesque locations once more in the following episode, ‘Mountain Family Retreat: Audra & Steve,’ airing at 12:30pm. This time, she guides Audra and Steve through Payson, Arizona, as they seek a mountain retreat with breathtaking views and spacious family areas.

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In ‘A Country Lifestyle: Matt & Kelly’, Trish Suhr assists Matt and Kelly in their quest for the perfect country home in Nevada City, California. The couple dreams of a place where they can indulge in their passion for gardening and potentially start an Airbnb business. Suhr showcases three unique properties that fit their criteria, each with its own charm and potential. From cozy cabins to spacious farmhouses, Matt and Kelly explore a variety of options that could offer them the country lifestyle they desire.

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In the subsequent episode, ‘Mountain Family Retreat: Audra & Steve’, Suhr shifts her focus to the stunning mountains of Payson, Arizona. Audra and Steve are on the hunt for a family retreat that offers both breathtaking views and ample space for their entire clan. Suhr’s expertise is invaluable as she presents them with a carefully curated selection of properties that meet their specific requirements.

Find My Country House presents ‘A Country Lifestyle: Matt & Kelly’ at 12:00 PM and ‘Mountain Family Retreat: Audra & Steve’ at 12:30 PM on Saturday, June 15, 2024, on A&E.

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