General Hospital (ABC Monday June 24, 2024)

General Hospital Today

On the Monday June 24 episode of ABC’s ‘General Hospital,’ Carly faces off against John during a drinking session, aware of his manipulation tactics involving Jason. Carly later confides in Spinelli, contemplating a risky strategy that may bring about her own arrest or further issues for Jason. Molly and TJ share a moment of uncertainty, questioning their trust in Molly’s sister.

Meanwhile, Kristina angrily confronts Ava, who holds a recording of Natalia’s criticism of Kristina and her relationship with Allie. Ava’s potential disclosure of this recording sets the stage for a significant revelation. Brook Lynn and Chase bring Violet to the Quartermaine mansion per Tracy’s suggestion, but Violet remains concerned about Finn’s perception of her affection.

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Tracy stands firm against Finn, unintimidated by his threats to involve the police. She possesses photographic evidence of his drunken state and the chaotic scene, ensuring the authorities would side with her.

Tracy issues an ultimatum, making Finn’s entry into rehab a condition for regaining custody of Violet. However, Finn resists, facing more setbacks and isolation. Chase, seeking legal guidance, makes a plea for help, potentially to Alexis.

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This episode of ‘General Hospital’ airs on Monday, June 24, 2024, at 2:00 PM on ABC.

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