HGTV Stars Battle it Out in New Season of “Battle on the Beach”

Battle on the Beach

HGTV stars Taniya Nayak, Ty Pennington, and Alison Victoria will be heating up Oak Island, North Carolina, in the new season of “Battle on the Beach,” premiering on Monday June 3 on HGTV. The three will be joined by their respective two-person teams of promising renovators, who will be given the challenging task of transforming rundown homes into desirable waterfront properties.

The two-hour season premiere will see the teams, led by these seasoned home renovation experts, select a property from three similar four-bedroom, two-bathroom houses, sight unseen. With the series’ biggest-ever renovation budget of $100,000, the teams will be advised by their illustrious mentors as they compete for a $3,000 bonus in each episode.

Over seven episodes, the teams will face unexpected challenges, including carnival-themed games and a relay race on a historic battleship. The competition will be judged by Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, who will award the team that adds the most value to their property a $50,000 cash prize. The winning mentor will also earn bragging rights, but with twists and a last-minute room challenge, it will be a nail-biting race to the finish.

The premiere episode will kick off with kitchen overhauls, followed by living room, bedroom, bathroom, and outdoor space transformations, as the teams aim to take these tired oceanfront properties from sad to spectacular.

“Battle on the Beach”: An Overview

“Battle on the Beach” is a popular HGTV renovation competition series that pits teams of up-and-coming designers against each other as they renovate beach homes room by room. The teams are led by HGTV fan favorites, who bring their expertise and unique design perspectives to the show.

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This season, the mentors include Taniya Nayak, a Boston-based design expert known for her sunny smile and sharp eye for interior design. She has a knack for combining rich textures and unexpected finishes with practical functionality, making her a go-to designer for a range of clients. Nayak has appeared on multiple HGTV shows, including “Designed to Sell,” “Urban Oasis,” and the previous season of “Battle on the Beach.”

Joining Nayak is Ty Pennington, a craftsman, designer, and TV host known for his work on groundbreaking home improvement shows like “Trading Spaces” and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” Pennington has also hosted other HGTV shows, including “Rock the Block” and the previous season of “Battle on the Beach.”

Rounding out the trio of mentors is Alison Victoria, an interior designer and host of “Windy City Rehab.” Victoria is known for creating glamorous, modern interiors and has a client list that includes high-end boutiques, resorts, and private residences. She previously starred in “DIY Network’s Kitchen Crashers” and has appeared in multiple HGTV shows, including the previous season of “Battle on the Beach.”

Meet the Teams

This season of “Battle on the Beach” will feature three teams of promising renovators who will be guided by the mentors. The teams include married couple Samantha and Sean Kilgore of Richmond, Michigan; friends Brandon Parker and Teresa Robinson of Norfolk, Virginia; and married couple Kristin and Chyenne Smith of Dallas, Texas.

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A Preview of the Challenges

Across the seven-episode arc, the teams will face a range of challenges that will test their renovation skills and creativity. In addition to the kitchen and living space overhauls, they will tackle bedrooms, bathrooms, and outdoor areas, aiming to transform these spaces into desirable waterfront dwellings.

The teams will also face unexpected twists and turns, including carnival-themed games and a relay race on a historic battleship. These challenges will not only test their renovation skills but also their ability to work together and manage their time effectively.

With a large cash prize and bragging rights on the line, this season of “Battle on the Beach” promises to be a highly competitive and engaging watch. The teams, led by seasoned mentors, will bring their unique design perspectives and renovation expertise to the challenge of transforming rundown properties into desirable beachfront homes.

As the teams navigate the challenges and unexpected twists, viewers can expect dramatic reveals, nail-biting moments, and, ultimately, the transformation of tired oceanfront properties.

Battle on the Beach: Oak Island, North Carolina airs on June 3, 2024, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV.

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