Moonshiners, May 7, 2024, Discovery, “Don’t Call it Crapple”


In tonight’s episode of Moonshiners, titled “Don’t Call it Crapple,” expect a blend of drama and creative problem-solving as the team navigates financial setbacks and explores innovative ways to revive a struggling business.

The episode centers around Tickle, whose restaurant encounters significant challenges, forcing him to make the difficult decision to temporarily shut down. However, his fellow moonshiners, ever resilient, devise a bold plan to get Tickle’s venture back on track. Josh, in particular, proposes an unconventional solution: crafting carrot-apple moonshine, a unique blend that could be their ticket to raising the $8,000 needed to reopen the restaurant.

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Meanwhile, Mike, Jerry, and Richard also face their own set of obstacles. They embark on a secretive mission to operate a waterless still, running apple pomace brandy in an attempt to keep their operations covert.

The show continues to offer a glimpse into the clandestine world of moonshining, where ingenuity and adaptability are essential for survival. With each episode, the team tackles new challenges, always seeking to stay one step ahead of the law in their high-stakes pursuit of profit.

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Moonshiners: Don’t Call it Crapple will air Tuesday May 7, 2024 at 8:00 PM on Discovery.

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