Lost Cities Revealed with Albert Lin, Nat Geo, May 9, 2024, “Higher Ground”

Lost Cities Revealed with Albert Lin

The documentary series “Lost Cities Revealed with Albert Lin” takes us on an adventure to the ends of the earth as explorer and scientist Albert Lin uses advanced technology to uncover ancient lost cities. In the episode “Higher Ground,” Lin travels to Peru, Oman, and Mexico, continuing his quest to reveal the secrets of these long-forgotten civilizations.

Equipped with ground-penetrating radar, LiDar, and 3D scanning technology, Lin collaborates with local archaeologists to discover and recreate unexcavated worlds hidden beneath the earth’s surface. In Peru, he explores the mountains to uncover the lost city of the Cloud Warriors, nearly erased from history by the Incas. Lin also ventures into the Mexican jungle to search for an ancient Maya city, once home to the builders of the great pyramid city of Palenque.

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The series offers a unique blend of adventure and science, giving us a glimpse into the past and shedding light on lost civilizations. Lin’s expertise in high-end techniques and his passion for exploration make for an engaging and informative journey.

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Don’t miss this exciting episode of “Lost Cities Revealed with Albert Lin,” as he explores Peru, Oman, and Mexico, uncovering ancient secrets and bringing lost cities back to life. Tune in to Nat Geo at 10:00 PM on May 9, 2024, for a fascinating exploration of the world’s hidden treasures.

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