NBC’s America’s Got Talent Auditions 3 Recap

America's Got Talent: Fantasy League

The latest episode of America’s Got Talent was a golden one, with not one but two Golden Buzzers being awarded! The judges were feeling extra generous, and the acts did not disappoint. The episode, which aired on NBC on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, at 8 p.m. ET, kicked off with a thrilling bicycle daredevil act by UK-native Andrei Burton, who performed stunts on his bike and even rode off the balcony!

The energy remained high with Brazilian dancer Samuel, also known as Samuka, who impressed the judges with his breakdancing skills and received four enthusiastic yesses. The Reklaws, a Canadian country duo and siblings, dedicated their audition to their late mother and moved Howie to tears with their original song, earning them a spot in the next round.

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While there were some acts that didn’t quite hit the mark, like Aaron, aka Stud Muffin Supreme, whose dancing didn’t impress three of the four judges, there were also many memorable performances. Roni and her dog, Rhythm, from Israel, danced their way into the judges’ hearts with a sweet routine. Solange, a magician, wowed the audience and judges alike with her fashionable and illusionary act, proving she’s ready for Las Vegas.

The golden moments of the night came when Sofia awarded her Golden Buzzer to Legion, an Argentinian dance group who took their performance to fiery new heights, literally, by setting their feet on fire! And in a surprising twist, Simon Cowell, who, last week changed the rules to allow for a second chance at the Golden Buzzer, awarded his second one of the night to Dee Dee Simon, a prison nurse and singer from Arkansas. Her powerful and emotional performance of “And I’m Telling You” brought the house down and closed out the night on a high note.

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With so many talented acts, the competition is heating up, and we can’t wait to see what next week’s episode brings!

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays on NBC at 8 p.m. ET, with auditions continuing to surprise and delight.

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