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Anthony Valentine



Raffles Anthony Valentine

Popular English actor Anthony Valentine had a long TV career from the 1950’s onward, starting as a child actor before major lead roles in the 1960’s and 1970’s in series such as Callan, Colditz and Raffles. Also guest appearances in lots of well known shows.

Born: 17 August 1939 in Blackburn, Lancashire, England
Died: 2 December 2015 (he was 76) in Guildford, Surrey, England

TV Credits
2011: Chuggington: Badge Quest – Couriers as Voice of Mr. Mistereoso
2010: Chuggington: Toot’s Tall Tale & Stop the Press Emery as Voice of Mr. Mistereoso (UK)

2009-2010: Coronation Street (36 Episodes) as George Wilson
2009: Casualty: The Price We Pay as Edward

2008: The Commander: Abduction as DAC Sumpter

2007: The Last Detective: Once Upon a Time on the Westway as Jimmy Vincent

2006: Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial as Burton C. Andrus
2006: Heartbeat: This Happy Breed as Mac MacKenzie
2006: The Commander: Blacklight as Deputy Commisioner Edward Sumpter

2005: Poirot: After the Funeral as Giovanni Gallaccio
2005: New Tricks: Creative Problem Solving as Spitz Snr
2005: The Commander: Blackdog as DAC Edward Sumpter
2005: The Commander: Virus as Edward Sumpter

2002: Judge John Deed: Abuse of Power as Clive Brill QC

2001: Waking the Dead: A Simple Sacrifice as Patrick Mantel

1998: The Bill: Too Many Cooks as Paul Chambers
1998: Diana: A Tribute to the People’s Princess as William Reede

1997: The Detectives: The Curse of the Comanches as Chaffeur

1995: The Way to Dusty Death as James MacAlpine
1995: Singapore Sling: Midnight Orchid
1995: Biography: Sherlock Holmes: The Great Detective as Narrator

1994: The Detectives: Never Without Protection as Grey Wolf
1994-1996: The Knock as George Webster

1993: Age of Treason as Vespasian
1993: Body & Soul as Stan Beattie
1993: Riders as Colonel Carter

1992: Moon and Son: Star of Fortune as Wainwright
1992: Covington Cross: Cedric Hits the Road as Duke of Worringer
1992: The Fifth Corner as The Hat
1992: Van der Valk: The Ties That Bind as Charles Mehra

1991: The House of Eliott Episodes 11 and 12 as Victor Stride
1991: Stay Lucky: Hard Times, Hard Men as Nick Singleton
1991: The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes: The Illustrious Client as Baron Gruner
1991: Lovejoy: Just Desserts as Michael Seymour

1989: Boon: Do Not Forsake Me as Sammy Robinson
1989: After the War: Winds of Change as Trevor Flint
1989: Hannay: Coup de Grace as Sir Marcus Leonard

1988: The Fear as Tony Slater
1988: The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission as British Colonel
1988: Das Rattennest as Vickers

1987: Pulaski: The Price of Fame as Gordon Bridges

1986: Lovejoy: The Judas Pair as Michael Seymour

1985: Lime Street: The Wayward Train as Wilfred Hodges
1985: Robin of Sherwood: The Enchantment as Baron de Belleme

1984: Robin of Sherwood: Robin Hood and the Sorcerer as Baron de Belleme
1984: Killer Exposed as Robin

1983: Play of the Month: Dangerous Corner as Charles Stanton
1983: Bergerac: Prime Target as Lionel

1982: BBC Play of the Month: I Have Been Here Before as Walter Ormond
1982: Tales of the Unexpected: The Absence of Emily as Bob
1982: Airline: Look After Number One as Dickie Marlowe
1982: Murder Is Easy as Abbot

1981: Masada as Merovius, Head Tribune

1980: Tales of the Unexpected: I’ll Be Seeing You as Roland Trent
1980: Hammer House of Horror: Carpathian Eagle as Cliff
1980: Minder: You Lose Some, You Win Some as Maurice Michaelson

1979: Minder: Aces High and Sometimes Very Low as Maurice Michaelson
1979: The Dancing Years as Rudi Kleiber

1977: Raffles as A.J. Raffles (Series)

1975: Raffles as A.J. Raffles (One off play)
1975: Armchair Cinema: Tully as Tully
1975: Space: 1999: War Games as Male Alien
1975: Thriller: The Crazy Kill as Garard

1974: Justice as James Eliot (Series)
1974: Colditz as Major Horst Mohn (Series)

1973: Spy Trap: A Hero’s Return as Edward Chance
1973: The Donati Conspiracy as Paul Frederick

1972: The Pathfinders: One Man’s Lancaster as Squadron Leader Jim Stanton
1972: Z Cars: Connor as Bright
1972: Z Cars: Not Good Enough as Bright
1972: Sunset Song: The Song as Reverend Colquhoun

1971: Justice: You Didn’t Have to Pay for Justice as Robert Miller (Guest Appearance)
1971: Budgie: Grandee Hotel as Jeff Staines

1970: Put Out More Flags as Basil Seal
1970: Codename as Philip West (Series)

1969: Take Three Girls: Rhapsody for Misplaced Persons as Timothy
1969: Department S: The Soup of the Day as Gregory
1969: The Expert: The Witness as Zach Schofield
1969: The Expert: Protection as Les Scammell
1969: Dr. Finlay’s Casebook: The Facts of Life as Bruce Cameron
1969: Dr. Finlay’s Casebook: Conquest as Bruce Cameron
1969: Dr. Finlay’s Casebook: Fresh Worlds as Bruce Cameron
1969: Scobie in September as Vickers
1969: Softly Softly: A Quantity of Gelignite as Yob

1968: The Avengers: Killer as Calvin

1967-1972: Callan as Toby Meres
1967: The Avengers: The Bird Who Knew Too Much as Cunliffe
1967: Thirty-Minute Theatre: Come Death as Lord Torrance
1967: Emergency-Ward 10: Old Sam as Norman Levin
1967: This Man Craig: The Water Baby as Gordon McLellan

1966: Intrigue: The Computer Didn’t Confirm It as Whyte
1966: Armchair Theatre: The Wager as Mark Mavrides
1966: Love Story: Duggie as Nuggets

1965: Riviera Police: Who Can Catch a Falling Star? as Tony Lorenz

1962: The Last Man Out: The Turning Point as Edward Perrot

1961: A for Andromeda as Corporal
1961: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring as Bent Neot
1961: BBC Sunday-Night Play: Wet Fish as Leslie
1961: The Attorney-General as Jack Salisbury
1961: Saturday Playhouse: Seagulls Over Sorrento as Sub-Lt. Granger

1960: An Age of Kings as Marquess of Dorset / Post / Sir John Mortimer
1960: The True Mistery of the Passion as John

1959: The Cornet Player as Cornet player
1959: The Scarf as Gerald Quincey

1958: ITV Play of the Week: John Gabriel Borkman as Erhart
1958: BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: The Long Sunset as Otho

1957: The Wharf Road Mob as Len
1957: The Adventures of Aggie: London Story as Page boy

1956: Rex Milligan as J.O. Stagg

1955-1957: Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School as Harry Wharton / Lord Mauleverer
1955: The Children of the New Forest as Humphrey Beverley

1954: My Uncle Rollo as John
1954: The Secret Way as Cedric
1954: Johnnie’s Night Out as Peter

1953: Vice Versa as Dick Bultiitude / Paul Bultditude
1953: Stranger in the House as David Hill
1953: Captain Brassbound’s Conversion as Page
1953: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents: The Clock as Roger (as a boy)

1952: Emil and the Detectives as Trout

1951: Aladdin as Boy
1951: Mencius Was a Bad Boy as Ko