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Caesars, The (ITV 1968, Roland Culver, Andre Morell)



Period drama serial about the Casears and featuring the same period tackled by the later I Claudius and also featuring the same Roman emperors and families.

classic quote
“I tell you that rule by one man is the most hazardous form of government ever invented.”

Freddie Jones as Claudius
Roland Culver as Augustus
André Morell as Tiberius
Barrie Ingham as Sejanus
William Corderoy as Drusus
Caroline Blakiston as Agrippina
Suzan Farmer as Livilla
Ralph Bates as Caligula
Sonia Dresdel as Livia

crew details
Writer and Producer: Philip Mackie
Director: Derek Bennett

production details
Country: UK
Network: ITV – Granada
Duration: 6×60 minute episodes
Aired From: 22 September – 27 October 1968