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Doomsday Project, The (ABC, Taye Diggs, Rochelle Aytes)



Doomsday Project

In The Doomsday Project, as a preventive measure, the U.S. government assembled a think tank of the most brilliant, out-of-the-box thinkers from various disciplines — military, entertainment, science, and technology – tasked with dreaming up man-made disaster scenarios and their possible solutions. But the program was ultimately considered too dangerous. The team was disbanded, the files sealed.

Five years later, when a lethal virus is stolen from a government research lab, it looks suspiciously like a step-bystep operation from the think tank’s playbook. Homeland Security decides to reunite the team in hopes that they can outsmart the terrorists who have the scenarios they created. Dr. Davis Albright is the team’s architect and engineer. He’s confident, polished, slightly obsessive-compulsive, and treats both work and life with a meticulous caution. Dr. Elle Trask — who happens to be Davis’s ex-wife – is the team’s scientist and MD.

With multiple degrees and a popular public persona, Elle is a brilliant thinker with an effortless sensuality and confidence. Bringing wit and creativity to the group is blockbuster screenwriter Warren Moore, a charming cad who enjoys the exploits of his lucrative movie career, but secretly yearns for a position of importance fit for his staggering intellect. Quietly crunching numbers in the room is analyst, statistician, and veritable crystal ball Nate Hensley, a guarded hipster millionaire who founded a colossally successful website that predicts sports, elections, and stock market trends.

The only person in the room actually trained in counter-terrorism is Ivy League educated Navy SEAL Chris Wyatt. Benched from the illustrious SEAL Team Six due to a controversial (but life-saving) decision, Chris now trains special warfare sailors in Virginia, until he is pulled back into the think tank. Rounding out the group is cyber security specialist Kayla Greene, the lone newcomer to the think tank, having replaced team member Alec who died two years prior.

Kayla is scrappy, irreverent, and fiercely independent, and until the think tank, has always been the smartest person in the room. She is naturally untrusting, having lost her mother at a young age to mysterious circumstances, and not a born team player – both things she will have to overcome to be a successful part of the team. Kayla was hired by the acting Deputy Director of Homeland Security, Faye Walsh, a bold and decisive leader who never approved of this think tank and now is tasked with leading them. She is filling in for John Mercer, the founder of the Doomsday project, whose recent disappearance coincides with the leak of the team’s scenarios. Everyone wants to know if he’s been kidnapped, killed, or if he’s part of the terrorist plot.

Now reunited, the think tank has to face a ticking clock to try and outsmart the greatest opponent they’ve ever had to face – themselves. They must combine all their skills to stay ahead of the disasters they dreamed up.

Claire Holt as Kayla Greene
Taye Diggs as Davis Albright
Rochelle Aytes as Elle Trask
Justin Chatwin as Chris Wyatt
Dan Byrd as Nate Hensley
Jack Davenport as Warren Moore
Rachelle Lefevre as Faye Walsh

key behind the scenes crew
Carol Mendelsohn as Executive Producer
Joachim Ronning as Director of pilot
Julie Weitz as Executive Producer
Mark Bianculli as Creator/Executive Producer
V.J. Boyd as Creator/Executive Producer

show type
scifi drama

broadcast from
Currently in development

network and production companies
ABC – Carol Mendelsohn Productions – Pernomium Pictures – Signal Hill Productions – Sony Pictures Television



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