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Exile (BBC-1 2011, John Simm, Jim Broadbent)



Drama thriller serial Exile follows journalist Tom Rondstadt who following a disaster in his career returns home to Lancashire (after a gap of 18 years) to try and fix up some of the lost ground between himself and his ageing father and get to the bottom of the events that led to Tom leaving home years before. But Tom’s investigations lead him to expose a mind-blowing scandal, two decades old, that changes their lives forever.

With Tom’s father in the grip of Alzheimers Tom becomes increasingly frustrated with his father’s failure to remember. He persists, unaware that he is unearthing a devastating crime that will reveal secrets he could never have imagined.

Despite the thriller overtones at it’s heart the serial is one about relationships, the fixing of broken ones and redemption. Always a treat to see Jim Broadbent, here playing Tom’s father and John Simm as always proves himself to be one of the best actors on the box. There is a strong supporting role for Olivia Colman too as Tom’s sister who has been caring for her father all these years whilst Tom is down in “that London”.

production details
UK | BBC-1 – AbbottVision – Red Productions

RUNNING TIME: 60 minutes | NUMBER OF EPISODES: 3 | AIRDATES: Sunday 1 May – Tuesday 3 May 2011

CREATOR: Paul Abbott | WRITER: Danny Brocklehurst | DIRECTOR: John Alexander

JOHN SIMM as Tom Randstadt
JIM BROADBENT as Sam Rondstadt