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Gambit (CBS 1972-1981, Wink Martindale)



Gambit Wink Martindale

Game show Gambit combined elements of blackjack with a general knowledge quiz, host Wink Martindale asked the questions which allowed the two teams of married couples to try and get as close to a score of twenty one as possible.

The winning couples received $100 per game and carried on until they were finally defeated. An end game involved the Gambit board with 21 cards and the couple having to try and reach 21 to win a new car although each card won prizes and the couple could stick at anytime.

The series was revived in 1980 as Las Vegas Gambit again with Wink Martindale but a new dealer in the shape of Beverly Malden (and later Lee Menning), the end game was reduced to 18 cards.

production details
USA / CBS / x30 minute episodes 4 September 1972 – 10 December 1976 / weekdays mornings @ 10.30am
Las Vegas Gambit (October 1980 – 27 November 1981)

Announcer: Kenny Williams / Music: Mort Garson / Executive Producer: Merrill Heatter, Bob Quigley / Producer: Robert Noah / Director: Jerome Shaw

Host: Wink Martindale / Dealer: Elaine Stewart



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