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H G Wells: War With The World (BBC Drama, Michael Sheen)



War With The World told the story of H.G. Wells (Michael Sheen), regarded as the father of Science Fiction thank to such novels as The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds and The Invisible Man also had something of a complicated love life.

Cast: Michael Sheen as H G Wells; Sally Hawkins as Rebecca West; Sarah Winman as Jane Wells; Dermot Crowley as George Bernard Shaw; Branka Katic as Moura Budberg; Jacek Koman as Maxim Gorky; Kenneth Jay as Henry James; Michael Cochrane as Minister; Rebecca Ramsden as Millie; Elizabeth Elvin as Mrs Hallam; Keir Charles as Sykes; Abigail Davies as Russian Reporter; Roger Heathcott as Stalin

Writer and Director: James Kent / Music: Nick Powell / Executive Producers: Adam Kemp, Leanne Klein / Producer: Colette Flight

UK / BBC Two – Wall to Wall / 1×90 minute episode / Broadcast 30 September 2006