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Lawless (ITV1 Crime, Trevor Eve, Orla Brady)



In ITV crime drama Lawless when a man who killed a policeman goes free because of procedural faults police boss Peter Chambers (David Calder) and four colleagues decide to take the law into their own hands and kill the guilty man. All except DI John Paxton (Trevor Eve) who wants nothing to do with it – but later when he finds Chambers himself dead he has to go on the run suspected of the killing and fearful he may be the next target.

Another superior Trevor Eve thriller, the casting was strong with key roles for Dermot Crowley, Orla Brady and Ralph Brown.

Cast: TREVOR EVE as John Paxton; ORLA BRADY as Liz Bird; DAVID CALDER as Peter Chambers; RALPH BROWN as Phil Howell; DERMOT CROWLEY as Bob Allard; DARRELL D’SILVA as Mark Easton; TRACEY GILLMAN as Amy Graves; PAUL BRENNAN as Jack Harris

Writer: Chris Lang / Producer: Tom Grieves / Director: Roger Gartland

UK / ITV1 / 2×90 minute episodes / 8-9 November 2004