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Married to a Murderer (Lifetime 2018, Anna Hutchison, Aaron Arnold)Married to a Murderer (Lifetime 2018, Anna Hutchison, Aaron Arnold)


Married to a Murderer (Lifetime 2018, Anna Hutchison, Aaron Arnold)



In Lifetime TV Movie Married to a Murderer, having grown up an orphan and raised by her grandmother, Emma has worked for everything that she has, and takes pride in the simple life she’s created for herself.

When she strikes up a romance with the wealthy Ted, a guy she grew up admiring from afar, and says yes to marrying him, she thinks she’s finally found her soul mate and is immediately brought into a much more luxurious world. That world also includes Ted’s seductive twin brother Frank, whose affections for her go beyond family admiration.

Now, back in town and living in his family’s old home, Frank’s long buried jealousy of everything his brother has, including Emma, comes to the surface. Suffering from black outs and manic episodes, related to a traumatizing accident, Frank quickly becomes a danger for anyone to be around. Soon, Emma realizes that coming between the twin brothers is more dangerous that she imagined.

production details
USA / Lifetime / 1×120 minutes / Broadcast Saturday 25 August 2018

Anna Hutchison as Emma
Aaron Arnold
Austin Arnold
Cheyenne Jackson


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