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Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law (ABC 1971-1974, Arthur Hill, Lee Majors)



Arthur Hill played a compassionate defense attorney in popular series Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law, in which the cases were always marked by a warmth and consideration for the accused.

Marshall was the courtroom equivalent of the kindly doctor, ‘Marcus Welby’ (Robert Young) and in fact the two series sometimes had overlapping episodes since both were produced by David Victor for Universal.

In 1972 he defended one of Dr. Welby’s patients against a murder charge, and in 1974, he defended Dr. Kiley (James Brolin) in a paternity suit. The series was well-regarded in legal circles and won several public service awards.

Jess Brandon (played by Lee Majors) was Marshall’s young assistant and unlike Owen is not averse to bending the rules occasionally. Towards the end of the shows run Ted Warrick (played by David Soul) replaced Brandon and Danny Paterno and also worked joined the office.

Lots of big names appeared on the show including Farrah Fawcett, John Denver, Sharon Gless, Mark Hamill, Donna Mills, Ricky Nelson, John Travolta, Lindsay Wagner and Tim Matheson.

production details
USA / ABC / x50 minute episodes / Broadcast 16 September 1971 – 24 August 1974

Arthur Hill as Owen Marshall
Christine Matchett as Melissa Marshall
Lee Majors as Jess Brandon
Joan Darling as Frieda Krause
Reni Santoni as Danny Paterno
David Soul as Ted Warrick
Russell Johnson as D.A. Grant
Pat Harrington, Jr. as Assistant D.A. Charlie Giannetta
Henry Beckman as Sgt. Roy Kessler
Lindsay Workman as Judge
Bill Quinn as Judge
John Zaremba as Judge

Creators: David Victor, Jerry McNeely
Executive Producer: David Victor
Producer: Jon Epstein
Music Supervisor: Hal Mooney
Set Decorators: George Milo, Chester L. Bayhi
Director of Photography: Harkness C. Smith
Art Director: Howard E. Johnson, John J. Lloyd
Film Editor: Tony Martinelli