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Resort To Murder (BBC Thriller, Ben Chaplin)



Resort To Murder BBC Thriller, Ben Chaplin

In five part BBC thriller Resort To Murder post graduate student Joshua Penny (Ben Chaplin) returns to Brighton desperate to prove that his dad was innocent of the murder of his mother. To do so he needs to find the real killer – the only clue he has is the knowledge of a distinctive tattoo spotted on the arm of the real killer.

Resort To Murder, with its title also taking into account its seaside resort town setting, had something of a chequered history as it made its way to the screen. It was actually made in 1993 and filmed as an eight parter before the powers that be decided that it was needlessly convoluted and re-edited it down to five episodes.

Cast: Ben Chaplin as Joshua Penny; Neil Stuke as “Skins”; Steven Waddington as Neville; Peter Firth as Peter Dennigan; David Daker as Sam Penny; Kelly Hunter as Lucy Chapman; Nigel Terry as Kepier; Mairead McKinley as Tracy Saunders; Brett Fancy as The Leveller; John Stahl as Inspector Reed; Robert Pugh as Danny McCrae; John Gillett as David Rossler; Sean Gilder as Police Constable Graham

Writer: Tony McHale / Executive Producers: Michael Wearing, Johan Eliasch / Producer: Barry Hanson

UK / BBC / 5×50 minutes / 27 July – 24 August 1995