Tender Loving Care (Screen One BBC-1 1993, Dawn French, Rosemary Leach)

Devoted nurse Elaine Dobbs is a true professional in everything she does. Her fierce dedication and kind consideration wrap her ward in a very special atmosphere – until a disturbing situation comes to light. Too many of her patients are dying. And when there’s a brutal killing in the hospital showers, the chilling truth is revealed.

Tender Loving Care is a gripping psychological thriller and a powerful exploration of a character driven to extremes by emotional and physical pressures. Beneath a calm surface, a life is in crisis. Starring Dawn French in her first dramatic departure from comedy as the devoted Nurse Dobbs, with Rosemary Leach as her doting assistant Mary.

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production details
UK | BBC One | 1×80 minutes | Broadcast 3 October 1993

Writer: Lucy Gannon
Producer: Louise Panton
Director: Dewi Humphreys

Screen One Season 5 Episode 5

Dawn French as Elaine Dobbs
Rosemary Leach as Mary
Robert Pugh as Keith Dobbs
Joan Sims as Daisy Potter
Peter Jones as Mr Davies
Gemma Jones as Nicky Dobbs
Ranjit Krishnamma as Dr. Savindra
Bernard Latham as Policeman
Siriol Jenkins as Student Nurse
Marc Heatley as Phil Dobbs
Steve Speirs as Porter
Melanie Walters as Sister Ann Munroe
Christine Pritchard as Nursing Officer Cheryl Yeoman
Nicholas McGaughey as Security Man
Sian Rivers as Nurse Sian Price
Llewellyn Rees as Mr Watkins
Alun ap Brinley as David Charwood
Richard Goodfield as Ambulance Man
Gwyn Vaughan Jones as Pastor
Stewart Jones as Mr Farmer
Patricia Kane as Mrs Farmer
Gauri Nayar as Student Nurse Nazli
Gary Llewellyn as Binman

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