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The Paradise Makers (BBC Thriller, Michael Bryant)



In The Paradise Makers espionage agent James Crieg (Michael Bryant) discovers that a group of eminent scientists working for the Independent Science Corporation are up to something sinister.

Crieg had an IQ of 160 and a background as a physicist which served him well when he went undercover at I.S.C.

Reviewing the serial in the Evening Post (3 Apr 1967) Ralph Slater was impressed saying “this is an absolutely first-rate tale. The acting and the script are of a very high level indeed.”

Cast: Michael Bryant as James; Rosalie Crutchley as Inga Swynnerton; Jayne Sofiano as Inga’s Secretary; Roy Spencer as Walters; Joseph O’Conor as Colonel Sparrow; John Bryans as Bulmer; Carl Bernard as Varour; Marian Diamond as Jean; Richard Hurndall as De Lacelle

Writer: Arden Winch / Production Design: Lionel Radford / Producer: Alan Bromly / Director: Rex Tucker

UK / BBC Two / 6×25 minute episodes / 18 March – 22 April 1967