Too Much Sun (BBC One Sitcom, Mark Addy, Alex Jennings)



In sitcom Too Much Sun, tired of not making it in England writer Nigel Conway and actor Julian Edgbaston-Bowles decide to pack their bags and move out to Hollywood but still find life less than perfect.

The pair found it just as hard to make it in the business, for example Nigel tracks down old English friend Sandi (Matilda Ziegler) because he thinks she runs a production company called Sunset Films, this turns out to be a video store. Other regulars included Scott (Lee Majors), their landlord and mentor. Scott had once been the star of TV Western in the 1960’s; Dave Stamp (Nigel Lindsay) was another ex-pat. He was a builder.

Cast: MARK ADDY as Nigel Conway; ALEX JENNINGS as Julian Edgbaston-Jones; LEE MAJORS as Scott Reed; NIGEL LINDSAY as Dave Stamp; MATILDA ZIEGLER as Sandi; JULIENNE DAVIS as Kimberley; CARLOS DOUGLAS as Roderigo

Writers: Jim Piddock, Margaret Oberman / Producer: Jamie Rix / Director: John Stroud

UK / BBC One – Talkback / 6×30 minute episodes / 20 October – 1 December 2000

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