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Tricky Business (BBC Sitcom, Marcus Clarke, Una Stubbs)



Tricky Business BBC Sitcom, Marcus Clarke

Children’ sitcom Tricky Business was in it’s first two seasons was set in a magic shop. SEASON THREE continued the magic theme but was set in an old theatre.

The first season focused on married couple Mr (John Quayle) and Mrs Breeze (Una Stubbs) who ran the magic shop and also performed as double act Bright and Breezy but for the second season they had departed leaving Mr Crabtree (Marcus Clarke) in charge. The third and final season featured a mostly new cast (magician Paul Zenon hung around) and format with Bernie Clifton taking centre stage as the new owner of a run down theatre.

Cast: MARCUS CLARKE as Crabtree (Seasons 1-2); UNA STUBBS as Mrs Breeze (Season 1); JOHN QUAYLE as Mr Breeze (Season 1); SALLY ANNE MARSH as Lucy (Season 1); JOLYON STEPHENSON as Joe (Season 1); JOHN SURMAN as Mr Sadd (Season 2); PAUL ZENON as Mickie (Seasons 2-3); PATSY PALMER as Zoe (Season 2); SONIA MAY as Jeannie (Season 2); ANTHONY DAVIS as Daniel (Season 2); BERNIE CLIFTON as Bernie (Season 3); LESLIE SCHOFIELD as Derek Yates (Season 3); REBECCA FRONT as Debbie (Season 3); TERRY RANDALL as Eddie Farrow (Season 3)

Producers: Richard Simkin (Season 1), Judy Whitfield (Season 2), Martin Hughes (Season 3),

UK / BBC One / 27×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 6 April 1989 – 30 May 1991