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The Ascent Of F6 (BBC 1938, Ben Wright, Peter Ashmore)



Previously mounted in 1937  live BBC play The Ascent of F6 was based on the production by Christopher Isherwood and W.H. Auden. Performed live the whole thing was restaged the following week. William Devlin had taken the lead in the previous production too.

Cast: William Devlin as Michael Ransom; Ben Wright as David Gunn; Peter Ashmore as Edward Lamp; Philip Thornley as Doctor Williams; Stuart Latham as Announcer; Catherine Lacey as Mrs A; Will Leighton as Mr A; Dennis Arundell as Sir James Ransom; Barbara Everest as Mrs Ransom; Emma Trechman as Lady Isabel Welwyn; Richard George as General Dellany-Couch; Edward Lexy as Lord Stagmantle; Reginald Brooke as Acolyte, Butler, Assistant Stage Manager; Reginald Peldon as Monk, Barman; Alan Baddely as Monk

Producer: J. Royston Morley / Play: W.H. Auden, Christopher Isherwood

UK / BBC / 2×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 18 September 1938 and then again on 26 September 1938