Bergerac: SPARTA (BBC-1 7 Feb 1987, with Liza Goddard)

In SPARTA Philippa Vale, notorious diamond thief, finds her life in danger over a book she is thought to have in her possession. The trail takes her back to Jersey where she calls upon Jim once again for help.

Philippa and Jim discover that a fascist group called SPARTA is behind the attempt to get the book, even though Philippa claims to know nothing about any book. Further investigation via a break in at SPARTA HQ by Phillippa reveals that prominent businessman Sir Clive Hamer owns the parent company Leonidas Enterprises, that is the front for SPARTA.

Sir Clive has a home on the island of Chausey and the trail leads right to him, despite not having the book Philippa agrees to return it. The real thief happens to be Sir Clive’s wife and the book contains damaging information about Sir Clive’s less legal activities.

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SPARTA marked Philippa Vale’s third appearance and once again it’s an episode with a strong mix of humour and action. Susuan, however, is less than impressed by the return of Vale, especially as Jim seems constantly happy to drop everything and go running after her. However when Philippa makes it plain Jim can spend the night with her he tells her no.

The Charlie/Peggy romance seems to be developing too with Charlie taking Crozier’s secretary for a day out on his boat. Of course he just so happens to take her to old friend Sir Charles on the same day that Philippa and Jim are there.

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Besides Liza Goddard well known faces include the excellent David Calder as Sir Clive and Judy Buxton as his wife.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×55 minute episode / Broadcast 7 February 1987

Writer: Rod Beacham / Production Design: Ken Ledsham / Director: Robert Young

Series: Bergerac Season 5 Episode 6

John Nettles as Jim Bergerac
Terence Alexander as Charles Hungerford
Liza Goddard as Philippa Vale
David Calder as Sir Clive Hamer
Judy Buxton as Lady Hamer
John Hartley as Miles Pynsent
Louise Jameson as Susan Young
Sean Arnold as Crozier
Nancy Mansfield as Peggy
Georgia Allen as Angela
Ben Feitelson as Lucien
Dinny Powell as Minder
Serena Harragin as Hotel receptionist
Justin Saunders as Hotel receptionist

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