Gazette: Turn A Blind Eye (ITV 9 Aug 1968, with Alan Barry)

In Turn A Blind Eye Hadleigh and Walters are at loggerheads over corrupt local councillor Adams who has “turned a blind eye” to a compulsory purchase order. Hadleigh wants to run the story but Walters know it would open them up to a libel action if they do. Susan’s friendship with a detective leads to the uncovering of some major new evidence that could bring Adams down.

Hadleigh also discovers from his Uncle, Colonel Chamberlayne, that the local vicar, the Reverend Wilcox, was charged with drink driving but appeared in court under an assumed name. Hadleigh thinks the police must have known who they were dealing with and wants the whole thing brought out into the open. Even if it means Colonel Chamberlayne (who is also a judge and presided over the case) gets caught in the crossfire.

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Susan however knows that Wilcox is essentially a good man and is determined to kill the story.

Hadleigh makes an interesting statement to the paper’s lawyer that he is not interested in the money that the paper makes but wants the Gazette to make a difference. When it looks like Walter’s may not run the Wilcox story he basically tries to blackmail him by saying he will sell the paper if he doesn’t. Luckily Susan saves the day with the dirt she has uncovered on Adams, which is the bigger story anyway.

It’s an interesting second episode, Hadleigh is making his presence felt and makes it plain to Walters he wants the paper to mean something. There is also an incredibly high level of sexism directed towards Susan from pretty much every male member of the cast.

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production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 9 August 1968 at 9.00pm

Writer: James Doran / Production Design: Malcolm Goulding / Director: David Andrews

Series: Gazette Episode 2 (of 12)

Gerald Harper as James Hadleigh
Jon Laurimore as Frank Walters
Gillian Wray as Susan Jackson
Alan Barry as Reverend Wilcox
Norman Claridge as Appleton
Robin Hawdon as Joe Chalmers
Robin Wentworth as Councillor Adams
Ralph Michael as Colonel Chamberlayne
Vivienne Burgess as Mrs Chamberlayne
Norman Mitchell as Sergeant Williams
Christopher Hodge as Maxwell
Margery Withers as Mrs Dickinson
Kevin Walker as Copy Boy
Alan Caister as Barman

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