New Scotland Yard: Hard Contract (ITV 20 May 1972)

In Hard Contract Kingdom has a double murder on his hands, different locations and with no apparent link between the victims other than the fact that the same gun was used on both victims. Then a third shooting happens…

A bit of a weird vibe hangs over this episode, no surprise really giving that the script is by Philip “Gangsters” Martin who pretty much specialised in this type of thing. There is also a strong guest appearance from Patrick O’Connell, best known for his role as Ted in The Brothers but here playing a sinister hit-man.

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Inspector Ward doesn’t appear in this episode, Windsor Davies instead takes a role as Det Sgt Hadley.

This episode was broadcast at a slightly later than usual time of 8.30pm thanks to an England v Wales international football match being shown (it wasn’t live having been played that afternoon, England won 3-0.)

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 20 May 1972 at 8.30pm

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Writer: Philip Martin / Production Design: John Clements / Director: Paul Annett

New Scotland Yard Season 1 Episode 5

John Woodvine as John Kingdom
Windsor Davies as Det Sgt Hadley
Michael Ripper as Peter Gould
Patrick O’Connell as George Rennell
Rosemary Dunham as Nora Gould
Barry Warren as Harry Carson
Julie Samuel as Erika James
Peter Miles as Barman
Roy Boyd as Colly Yates
Bartlett Mullins as Hall porter
David Sadgrove as Derek Smales

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