New Scotland Yard: Monopoly (ITV 1 Sep 1973)

In Monopoly, next door neighbours the Greshams and the Preeces are having a game of Monopoly after having dinner together. During the game Sidney Preece is shot through the window by an unknown assailant.

A strong episode, there is a heat wave going on that lends an oppressive air to proceedings. Prior to the shooting, which we don’t actually see, Preece had been behaving in a very obnoxious manner and we only really have the word of the Greshams and Pamela Preece that that is what really happened.

There is also one of the rare glimpses into Kingdom’s personal life, he is at home with his wife, who is feeling pretty bored and desultory with things, when the case is called in. Then it turns out one of the chief witnesses is Paddy Cordell, who lives opposite and is a former girlfriend of Kingdoms. Kingdom is actually going through some crisis of confidence in this episode, he lets Ward walk all over him and deliberately causes a fight with his wife.

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The heat wave sees everyone reduced to shirtsleeves – everyone but Ward that is.

That weeks TV Times had a two page feature on the show but it was for the following weeks episode Rogue’s Gallery rather than this one.

classic quote
“I live in a street just like this, full of men who scrub their cars every Sunday. Who fight like tigers to keep up a front. Pushing fifty in place of living. They look around one day and realise it’s a false front. Young men all around them waiting to jump into their places. The desk job, retirement, pension. What’s it all been for. One day they throw themselves under a train, or they see a glimpse of paradise and cut out. Take the trip. Start a new life.”

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 1 September 1973 at 8.30pm

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Writer: Stuart Douglass / Production Design: David Catley / Director: Cyril Coke

Series: New Scotland Yard Season 3 Episode 11

John Woodvine as John Kingdom
John Carlisle as Alan Ward
Ronald Leigh-Hunt as Andrew Gresham
Marion Mathie as Betty Gresham
Peter Birrel as Sidney Preece
Susan Tracy as Pamela Preece
Sally Home as Angela Kingdom
Malcolm Terris as Detective Inspector Humphreys
Colin Rix as Detective Sergeant Bates
Petra Davies as Paddy Cordell
Joe Ritchie as George Summers
John Gatrell as Mr Aske

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