New Scotland Yard: Prove It (ITV 10 Nov 1972, Ray Lonnen)

In Prove It a local villain, Slee, is shot and left for dead. Kingdom and Ward investigate and discover a turf war involving big time gangster Terry Bowers.

Ward manages to get evidence that Bowers planned the hit. His chief witness Darbon, the man who actually pulled the trigger, initially agrees to bring Bowers down but then changes his mind and because Ward has more or less coerced Darbon into talking the evidence becomes worthless.

Typically Ward blunders in yet again, ruins the evidence and leaves Kingdom with no alternative but to let Bowers go. However he does have one last trick up his sleeve. After Slee regains consciousness Kingdom releases Darbon (charged with malicious wounding though) with the vague hope that it will prompt Bowers to do something stupid when he discovers that Darbon “shopped” him to the police.

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The always excellent Ray Lonnen has the pivotal role in the episode as the cocksure Bowers.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 10 November 1972 at 9.00pm

Writer: Richard Harris / Production Design: Frank Nerini / Director: Peter Moffatt

Series: New Scotland Yard Season 2 Episode 5

John Woodvine as John Kingdom
John Carlisle as Alan Ward
Anthony Sager as Det Sgt Clemens
Richard Borthwick as Det Sgt Fennell
Ray Lonnen as Terry Bowers
Ralph Watson as Darbon
Roy Purcell as Slee
June Watson as Mrs Slee
Sally Nesbitt as Doctor Somers
Brian Hayes as Morse
Terence Sewards as Compton
Malcolm Gerard as Greaves

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