The Onedin Line: Passage to Pernambuco (BBC-1 26 Nov 1971)

In Passage to Pernambuco Anne is making preparations to move into the new house James and she have agreed to rent at £25 a year.

Elizabeth is playing very dangerous games with her continuing relationship with Albert Frazer who doesn’t know she is pregnant with Daniel Fogarty’s child. She make a momentous decision to elope with Frazer and deal with the consequences later. She seems to think she can trick Frazer into believing that the child she is carrying is his despite the fact that Fogarty already knows it is.

James is back in Portugal on a visit to Braganza who needs a massive delivery of vines but the Charlotte Rhodes is too small to carry them all in the one load that Braganza – the wily James persuades the Wine seller to buy a bigger ship, the Pampero, and even better agree to him giving co-ownership to James if he can get to America and back in time with the much needed vines.

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James and Baines are somewhat surprised to learn that his new ship is also to carry passengers – the sinister Dom Vasco who arrives in tow with a collection of slaves who we learn are in fear of losing their lives. Vasco is supposed to be heading to Pernambuco but James, instantly disliking the man, heads direct to Baltimore.

Once in Baltimore James manages to secure the vines in exchange for the Cargo of salt he was carrying – the only problem is he no longer has a crew with most of them jumping ship to seek their fortune on the massive railroad project going on in Baltimore. Luckily James has a group of able bodied men in the shape of Vasco’s men – even better he pressgangs Vasco into working as ship’s cook.

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More fabulous scheming from James and by Elizabeth too. Robert has convinced himself that Elizabeth was not even really pregnant!

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 26 November 1971 at 9.00pm

Writer: Cyril Abraham / Production Design: John Wood / Director: Darrol Blake

Series: The Onedin Line Season 1 Episode 7

Peter Gilmore as James
Howard Lang as Baines
Anne Stallybrass as Anne
Jessica Benton as Elizabeth
Philip Bond as Albert Frazer
Cyril Shaps as Senhor Braganza
David Garfield as Dom Vasco
Kurt Christian as Felipo
Lilita Barros as Sarita
Brian Rawlinson as Robert
Barry Keegan as M’Guire
Marc Zuber as Peasant
Mario Zoppellini as Peasant

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